Rožnati oktober (Europa Donna)

Rožnati oktober (Pink October) je svetovni mesec osveščanja o raku dojk. Europa Donna ta mesec še bolj osvešča ženske o raku dojk in opozarja na pomen zdravega načina življenja, zgodnjega odkrivanja in učinkovitega zdravljenja bolezni.

Rožnati oktober (Pink October), Europa Donna Slovenija, BLED 2017

Ena od vidnejših akcij je tudi ovijanje dreves v rožnate pletenine po celi Sloveniji. Po dolgem času sem bila spet na Bledu in razveselila sem se, da so v akcijo stopila tudi blejska društva.

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  1. This makes me smile. Sasa. I am a knitter too, and they have a tree like this in Santa Barbara (Southern California) where I used to buy my yarn, when we lived in the South. a great way to do something creative! About your comment, thank you about what they do where you live. In the USA they also have "A Day of the Dead" - I think it's the day after Halloween. I've lived here 30+ years, but since all our relatives live in Holland, I have no idea what they do here -maybe the same as in Slovenia! By the way Halloween was originally a Christian holiday (coming from the word "hallowed" - maybe wikipedia has a history on it how it got turned to scary things and candy."
    Thanks so much for your lovely capture for All Seasons!

  2. What a lovely way to bring attention to a serious problem. Fortunately early detection has been promoted with much success and new treatments are coming available all the time. As a breast cancer survivor, I thank you for sharing this post.
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  3. This is a great idea! I like the intricate patterns placed on the trees. Since people are going to visit this place any way, it is nice to get their attention to the cause.

  4. What a creative way to bring attention to breast cancer.

  5. Cute! Love these little find surprizes.


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